Tia's is owned and operated by Tia Germain and began developing in Boston, MA in August 2012, after a cake was made and posted on social media. Another request for the cake came the next day and so the baking began! Tia's features decadent cakes and cupcakes in basic, specialty and signature flavors, such as, vanilla, red velvet, coconut, and chocolate caramel brownie overload. To create a fresh authentic taste, each cake and pastry is baked from scratch, in turn allowing clients to create and request custom flavors as well. Each cake is also made with love and care from simple whole ingredients and are often inspired by southern and Caribbean flavors. Additional decadent menu items include, but are not limited to cookies, brownies and pies.


Tia built a successful brand in Boston by taking pride in each design, as well as spending time with clients to gather their needs and desires. With her recent relocation to Charlotte, NC, she looks forward to new opportunities!

*Licensed to operate and sell in North Carolina